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Major Rewrite, 22 April, 2014

What We Can Do For You

Do Patients or Doctors services need/require Total, Comprehensive, Environmental Analyses following published, Scientific environmental optimization and risk reduction methods that enhance: long term Transplant Success; identification and quantification of harmful, Chronic Environmental Exposure(s) that cause Chronic Illness, Allergies, advanced Rates of Aging, among many others? With application of our expertise from the fields of Exposure Science, Industrial Hygiene, & Forensic Chemistry, our discovery process reveals low level chronic as well as unpredictable acute, episodic exposures that cause illnesses from idiopathic, environmental exposures and much more.21 These need independent remediation with our oversight, eliminating conflicts of interest and huge savings. All Exposure Science-Industrial Hygiene solutions have no Side Effects, and last the life of the unchanged environment!

Do your Engineering or manufacturing operations require Trouble Shooting, QC, or Optimization to identify contaminate(s) that are causing too much waste and associated costs, and lost efficiency that's cutting into your bottom line? We can improve your Processes, Pilot Plants or Field Lab ops, without increasing employee compensation. Think Green Chemistry, regulatory compliance, increased morale, market share, & efficiency. We can advise & provide training, and quantify expertise and education of prospective employees to screen out charlatans.

Do you provide Professional Design Services, Property Development, Sale, Management, or building Inspection services who needs L.E.E.D., Green, and/or Comprehensive Analysis for Medical and current/future Risks that have been growing in public awareness? Have you been deceived by manufacturers of 'Green' building products - made from 'natural materials' - that have been treated with deadly pesticides and/or preservatives? Have you discovered Meth, Drugs, Toxics, or other Property Contaminants that look bad (we can eliminate such problems before the government can act)? What happened to all that contamination from arsenic laced wood & wall paper, mercury, asbestos, mold & bacteria, radon, lead paint & plumbing, and pesticides of concern to your tenants, teachers and Physicians? Can those Pesticides be inexpensively neutralized in place?

Do your Professional Legal Services require Scientific understanding of technical matters, e.g., revealing key data quality deficiencies in Criminal, Product Liability, Personal Injury, and Environmental cases?

Are you a Home Owner with concerns about: Construction Defects, hidden leaky plumbing & gas lines, Design Compliance, previous Drug Use, Structural Floors, and/or with folks who have: Environmental Illness, Chronic Illness, an Organ Transplant, Aging, and lost retirement concerns, all of which are heavily linked to Poor Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) & compliance with ASHRAE, 'Green', and LEED Standards?

Are your Children loosing Academic and Athletic Achievement or otherwise made Sick by a School with Unknown Problems and administrators who Couldn't Care Less?

Do you: Own, manage, or insure CARGO in transit or write casualty insurance? Ask about our TrakBox® that can tell you its condition & location at any time, and establish who's liable for damages.

Do you have cargo damaged in transit and need to know 'Was it rain water or marine water (flooding)'? Our Scientific analyses can tell what happened after the fact!

Do you have an ODD or `fishy' looking, but complex, Insurance Claim that needs Scientific Evaluation?

Are you seeking: Fascinating public speakers and topics on emerging technology, including nanotechnology; old technology; or very motivating talks for Political Action support or training?

We review Writers' articles with technical content, for Scientific accuracy.

We do not sell hardware nor remediation services as this is unethical, unprofessional, and requires training professional Scientists do not have.

For free details & assistance, click on the appropriate tab at the top.

Who We Are

This uncopyrighted, heavily documented (about 50 peer reviewed scientific references) and three dozen relevant help links, enhanced web brochure (see References in `Contact Us') is not copyrighted. One may 'cut and paste' - we ask only for reference credit. It describes small scale affordable, professional, scientific services in the diverse fields of Exposure Science, Environmental Optimization, and Contamination Assessment (process control) all of which, strangely, implement the same technologies. "If you can buy or find it, we can analyze it" with full interpretation of the independent laboratory findings. This includes fracking substances.

We are a dynamic team of older, experienced, discreet Scientists, Professors, and Engineers, with serious degrees from real universities, long before grade and course inflation prostituted the bachelor's degree. We provide quality trouble shooting of complex problems with forensic, evidential grade data, following published Scientific methods and data from laboratories we have known and trusted for over 30 years. Some of our services reveal missing Quality Control, that designers, builders, and manufacturers do not want you to know. Frequently, our data is predictive and/or definitive of things to come, including broken appliances & leaking plumbing, lost health, causes of 'idiopathic' diseases, lost property values from impending danger, litigation outcome, and lost retirement(s). These benefits usually apply to all folks under the same roof, all the time. Our reports are the tool to 'nip problems in the bud' with big cost savings for needed solutions at the optimum time, thus preventing disasters. From our first Report of Findings and Recommendations, we make responsible parties 'shine', maximize ambiance & R.O.I., are cost effective even in societies with universal health care, and can recover much of your lost retirement.

We serve industry, government, attorneys, and private property owners in many ways centered around scientific understanding of all sorts of diverse things. Over decades, we have traveled far and wide to provide discreet services from Waterloo, Belgium, to Kona, Hawaii. When needed, we select other professional Engineers, Scientists, and Technicians with complementary expertise. This applies to engineering Pilot Plants for industry and research. We provide services for small, residential projects at the same rate as large. No job is too small. Often we provide free advice to get leaders and technocrats pointed in the right direction so they can pursue their goals cost effectively.

Our clientele are seemingly diverse business categories with fundamental scientific similarities that may not be obvious to the layman. These include: Attorneys needing EXPERT WITNESSES FOR LITIGATION SUPPORT addressing issues & risks of TOXIC BUILDINGS. Engineers needing Chemistry to address contaminants in Engineering processes, PILOT and POWER PLANTS, sometimes called (PROCESS CONTROL) to maximize profits & efficiency. Physicians, property owners, and building managers and owners (BOMAs) who may have a building that's damaging health or way out of specs. (not 'Green', healthy, nor clean); or that may have a drug manufacturing/user/history whose presence that need not be revealed to the government (call us first for our guidance to save huge $$$!). Cruise ships: (SPEAKING AND PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS) on fascinating, emerging science and technologies you can select from our list. We present such knowledge in easy to understand terms, with follow up support, for the layman and those in charge.

We routinely monitor environments, etc., with methods that quantify and identify levels of toxic substances that are below that which is known to be harmful, which are far below human perception, and far, far below 'Below Regulatory Concern' (BRC)-that which our corporate serving government thinks you will accept being hammered with. Click on the 'Definitions' tab at the top of this web page. All must contend with the myriad of toxics we have poisoned our world with include indoor contaminants that damage health, productivity, academic & athletic achievement, morale, & ambiance, abound as they minimize retirement, energy consumption & income.

One must not accept or trust the well understood, grand illusions & limitations that fool the human body. Human perception is easily transcended by today's laboratory instruments, techniques, and powerful sampling methods. It's not just asbestos & radon anymore. Scientists and colleagues in the laboratories we know and trust provide precious support in the form of what they are discovering from their other similar clients' samples and are thus part of our team serving you. All Exposure Science solutions are 100% free of all side effects, pain & suffering, 100% of the time, and last the life of the unchanged environment! In the U.S. we have never found an environment that did not have a myriad of easily identified insults.

Additional services include: Environmental optimization (looking for insults at levels that are rejected by regulators, or no one else cares about and are hence unregulated-BRC); contamination assessment, field work (monitoring), very discreet meth lab prediction & assessment of public places that precludes government knowledge and intervention and saves big money, process control & testing, including quality control & quality assurance (QC/QA), and arson investigation review, usually in marginally served rural settings. In the U.S., the incidence of diseases linked to chronic, low level exposure to environmental insults, is far too high to ignore. Our Industrial Hygiene (I.H.), anti-aging, optimization services, driven by Exposure Science; for homes, schools, and work places; are for astute folks who prefer to die of natural causes (old age), with peace and dignity in their own beds.

We also provide industrial & environmental services for starting up manufacturing operations here and abroad. These include: drinking and process water quality; industrial process monitoring; and energy recovery, generation, & efficiency. Technologies include: Latest solar & renewable energy applications; `green' chemistry solutions for fundamentally safe, clean, low cost manufacturing; laboratory rescue; and pollution prevention technologies that are a crucial part of ISO 14,000. We provide clients with shortcuts of U.S. technology from some of the worlds foremost research centers which are located in our neighborhood near Denver, which is also known as the `Second Silicon Valley'.

When working outdoors Marsh & Co. are called Forensic Chemists; when working indoors, Exposure Scientist/Professional Industrial Hygienists (P.I.H.)*; and forensic analytical, quality control, instrumental Chemists when trouble shooting industrial process problems. In his early career years he practiced instrumental, analytical chemical analyses and wrote methods of instrumental analyses by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, etc., for the U.S. E.P.A., adopted by industry and regulatory agencies still found in the Clean Water Act).

Our discreet services require application of the 'Precautionary Principle', (click on 'Definitions' at the top). These follow safety rules for manufacture of drinking water, drugs, and foods. This parallels legal & engineering needs for process control services too.

Nothing on this web site is copyrighted so others may 'cut & paste' for any other reason. Permission to copy, print, reproduce, transfer & distribute, in whole or in part, without profit, with our reference, is hereby granted. We feel this will promote understanding and acceptance of complementary solutions (real preventive medicine) from the fields of Exposure Science and Industrial Hygiene, that will be new to many - including most American Physicians! In a private conversation, Dr. Jill Stein, an Environmental Pediatrician, stated about 75% of the $ 2.25 TRILLION national, annual health care bill could be saved from full implementation of real preventive medicine!

Greg Marsh

Gregory K. Marsh, Exposure Scientist, Forensic Chemist, P.I.H.* Greg Marsh has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and over six years of additional, relevant, formal education in: Monitoring methods development and instrumentation; quality control/quality assurance; Gas Chromatography; regulations and enforcement policies. Since finishing school, he has attended technical presentations, training in new scientific developments from academic institutions, e.g., Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO; U. of Colorado, Boulder (Camelot), CO; Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, CO; National Renewable Energy Laboratory (www.nrel.gov), Golden, CO; World Affairs Conference, Boulder, CO. (www.colorado.edu/CWA), etc., for decades. On a practical basis, this is substantially more than required in most Doctors' (Ph.D.) degree programs. He encourages clients to think `outside the box' - way outside the box, with all of today's tools to create the best solutions!

Marsh has additionally practiced over 30 years as a professional in forensic, environmental, instrumental, analytical chemistry, including major QC/QA support in a biological toxicology research lab for Clean Water Act discharge standards development; was a major contributor for a very large, peer reviewed study of the biological basis for metals standards in the Clean Water Act; co-developer of methods of analyses by atomic absorption spectroscopy: consultant in forensic chemistry & de facto industrial hygienist & laboratory safety officer in the government lab mentioned above. This was perfect training and experience for optimization & trouble shooting built environments (Exposure Science); Later monitoring laboratory implementation & management (the first Chemist hired in 137 years) in a 2.2 Giga Watt, major coal and oil fired Ohio River power plant complex.

Marsh moved to Colorado in 1978 for good. Engineering support/process control, field lab design, implementation & oversight of a small scale, exotic, geothermal pilot power plant in a pristine area; This was followed by many different positions of cleanup oversight operations at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in the field of ultra deadly chemical weapons/agent monitoring & destruction, and neutralization of their metabolites, including development of a safe & non polluting method of destroying chemical weapons without a smoke stack, ignored by the U.S. Army; (more perfect preparation for environmental optimization and Exposure Science). Was site safety officer on really big radiotoxic waste sites, for the world's largest private construction company, in some of New Jersey's most expensive neighborhoods (WISS & MISS); greatly enhanced a fast, cheap, evidential quality, breath alcohol detector; wrote a major proposal and outline as an impetus for a 'Clean Soils Act', to complement the Clean Water Act & Clear Air Act, for the U.S. E.P.A.; and prevailing litigation support with smashing victories over lies, duplicity, and deceit by the guy who literally 'wrote the book on arson residue analyses for A.S.T.M. The above positions/projects required extensive experience in instrument selection, health & safety management, data evaluation & reduction, risk minimization, toxicology & epidemiology, pollution laws application, forensics, public speaking and teaching in science & computer technology, and public relations.

*=Compliant with Tennessee Code 62-40-101.

Marsh started building the firm to its present form in 1985, on research services he started providing in 1968 as a chemist at a forerunner agency (a distant arm of the U.S. Public Health Service) of the U.S. E.P.A., formed in December, 1970. Later, as a `job shopper', he provided similar services near and far on very diverse projects. The use of our services is driven by annual losses of $ 60,000,000,000 (Sixty Thousand Million Dollars!) throughout the American business community from lost worker efficiency, sickness, and broken computers25. This study found that an expenditure of only $ 5,000,000,000 per year for the next 20 years would eliminate this colossal loss. Another major project source are American schools, which are a disaster10 and one of our specialties. Implementation of our school building findings has greatly improved student academic and athletic performance, and added years to the lives of many teachers. For folks with `Multiple Chemical Sensitivities', we provide the two of 62 most effective solutions, and major elements of 4 of the top 7 solutions listed in a 1995 study of 305 folks with `Multiple Chemical Sensitivities' (MCS) 21.

Pro Bono: Exposure Science, Forensic Chemistry, & Industrial Hygiene

Marsh was one of about three dozen citizen activists who shut down the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant SuperFund Mega-Site - forever! This site was not moved or resurrected elsewhere. He sat on the Citizens' Soil Sampling Committee established by citizen demand on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, from the beginning. We were led to believe citizens were being protect from that menace by the Radiation Control Division - that never controlled anything - that we later learned was managed by a totally ignorant, uneducated, corporate lap dog and fool! And starting in 1987, was a charter, founding member and last elected president of the Rocky Flats Cleanup Commission to administer the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Technical Assistance Grant on that site. This was more than equivalent to a degree in Corporate Psychology & public relations - how big corporations really work when they control most everything including the media! He never took a bribe. The third and last time he was thanked for these services was by Richard Lamm, Governor of Colorado.

The big issues now? A Colorado State health department initiative to create missing OSHA regulations that all but disappeared in the middle 1990s that now fail to address the 700,000 Americans who die prematurely each year of preventable workplace injuries plus those who die prematurely downwind of regulated workplaces. Replacement of a new, totally ignorant fool now managing the Radiation Control Division who has publicly stated that "plutonium is no more toxic than dry cleaning fluid"! Folks who still think the government protects them must stop eating cantaloupe and call us for details!

Exposure Science Today?

Exposure Science is growing today but Professional Scientists are dying off: Students of Science have difficult educational requirements and other concerns including: the specter of a very poor return on their educational investment; off shoring-huge job losses; emasculated health, safety & environmental regulations; and the defunding of regulatory agencies that started big time in the early 1980s when they were labeled 'socialist'. These are some of today's reality. When needed, we tap into a dwindling supply of difficult to find complementary services from other mature Scientists, Engineers, and Professionals including SCUBA divers and translators in German, Spanish, and Arabic. We implement Geologists when knowledge of soils and rocks is needed. Be very wary when folks claim the title of 'Certified Industrial Hygienist'. We all worked for big industry, government, academia and commerce over the years and found they and certification in I.H. wasn't for us. To make your situation even more difficult, the vast majority of Scientists do not like to travel and have regular jobs with the military-industrial complex and are perfectly willing to 'turn a blind eye' to duplicity and conflicts. We completed our educations long before grade inflation, course level inflation, and when students who didn't measure up were expelled - no ifs, ands, or buts!

Two of our few real competitors are National Jewish Health in Denver, and the Harvard School of Public Health. We all use the same independent labs, that we know and trust. As you suspect, our fees are far less!

Our biggest competitors are big firms, with their expensive ads you pay for, and who pay big money to their legal staff to defend their very young employees' work. They routinely hire these low cost, inexperienced folks (recent graduates who look good on paper) because they maximize CEOs' compensations. Their huge ethical problems from mixing assessment with remediation will cause you problems and greatly increased your costs. Those who only assess have no motive to maximize remediation. Beware of youth with check sheets! We condemn them not for their youth but their lack of experience and their reports of findings after their lawyers remove anything that could cause culpability for oversights and fraud. Fortunately, many of these big time firms have disappeared by the score, leaving clients high and dry: See the partial list under the 'Advantages' tab above.

Dr. Francis Clough, Physical Chemist. Dr. Clough, of Centennial, Wyoming, was a former Professor of Chemistry at Virginia Polytechnic and consultant with more than 45 years experience as a physical, inorganic, environmental Chemist. In 1981, after a long career as an outstanding Professor of Chemistry, he established Chemical Criteria, in Arvada, Colorado, offering thermal analyses and ion chromatography for a variety of clients in industry, commerce, and government.

Dr. Clough was the one to choose when it seemed a problem in Chemistry was too difficult to solve. He was never too busy to assist or answer difficult questions. He was an avid, long term birder, the pesticide chair of the National Audubon Society, a promoter of the Rocky Mountain Chromatography Discussion Group, and deeply involved in Rocky Mountain Arsenal monitoring & clean up, without compensation nor appreciation from regulatory agencies. With very little help, for many, many years; he tirelessly hammered the State Legislators, who were deep in the pockets of the pesticide industry, the polluters, and the military, industrial, religious complex; to regulate pesticide applicators. After many years he succeeded very well indeed.

Very, very, sadly he passed away in his sleep, undiscovered, Memorial Day weekend, 2000, surrounded by his bird books. We just don't have the heart to remove him from this site. This friend and colleague was our forth great loss in our first 20 years.

Why You Need Us

Simply put: Our discreet, proactive, cost effective, flat rate assessments, trouble shooting, and monitoring services; extend life, provide doable solutions, and reduce expensive litigation risks, illness & aging. We treat the 25 kilograms air you breathe every day the same as the food, drugs and water you consume taking their quality for granted. Engineers realize increased efficiency & profits, convenience, and training at times and places that may be difficult to fulfill. They are tailored to meet your needs. We travel to your safe job site world wide.

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